Saturday, September 20, 2008


Lately I've been using my hand-work time to knit - rather than the jewellerizing that I should be chipping away at. I think it's a form of denial about the imminent hot weather that's around the corner - if I'm knitting then it must be cold, right?!?!?

Probably what I should be doing is developing these knitted metal pieces that were created earlier this year in a workshop with Erika Leitner.......

But I guess this is the journey I'm on for the moment!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Seeing as I FINALLY finished my Bachelor of Fine Art last year, I thought it would be celebratory to offer up a piece to the QCA Alumni Network Art Prize. So here it is!

Due to movement being a frequent factor in my life, constant culling of my belongings is a must. As a result I attach great value to the ‘keepers’.

“Re-Worn” is the reconstruction of my beloved winter coat. It is an acknowledgment of the value I place on the memories embedded in the fabric, the tacit sense of familiar comfort and the recognition of a finely crafted garment.

Reworking the coat in this way is an opportunity to feature the inherent worn history of the garment while showcasing it in the present.

It is a positive exercise in holding on.